Northern Harrier

I have been swamped in the past fews weeks, barely able to get out and shoot. Just a few shots of my local Northern Harrier adult male that soars over the prairie nearby

Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel

The farmer's worst enemy.... The thirteen-lined ground squirrel! The burrow in the ground and make tunnels through the grass. This gopher is notorious for making den holes in lawns and golf courses. These little critters are common across our area and are often seen in rural grassland areas.

House Wren

Not along the lines of my usual style, this shot just happened to catch my eye. The photo was self-composed and seemed to work well. The wren made the right head angle and the branch edge completed the moment.
I usually avoid all unnatural items, but this was just plain cute!


Last weekend, we adopted a new baby girl! Her name is Shelby and she is a 7 week old Black Lab Pup. I took her out to the Prairie for a photo shoot but she was too small for the prairie grass!

Scarlet Tanager

I have sought decent photos of the Scarlet Tanager all spring. A turn down another trail, which I wasn't going to make, made the difference of the sighting. I instantly saw the red bird hunting for caterpillars in the trees. The flash of black wings ruled out the Cardinal! Finally I was able to get the shots!

A Female was also located