House Wren

Not along the lines of my usual style, this shot just happened to catch my eye. The photo was self-composed and seemed to work well. The wren made the right head angle and the branch edge completed the moment.
I usually avoid all unnatural items, but this was just plain cute!


Last weekend, we adopted a new baby girl! Her name is Shelby and she is a 7 week old Black Lab Pup. I took her out to the Prairie for a photo shoot but she was too small for the prairie grass!

Scarlet Tanager

I have sought decent photos of the Scarlet Tanager all spring. A turn down another trail, which I wasn't going to make, made the difference of the sighting. I instantly saw the red bird hunting for caterpillars in the trees. The flash of black wings ruled out the Cardinal! Finally I was able to get the shots!

A Female was also located